Lenovo USB 3 Drops to Zero Slow Transfer Speed portable Hard drive

Portable USB3 HDD very slow on Lenovo Ideacentre

Portable USB3 HDD very slow on Lenovo Ideacentre

Yet more ie issues on Lenovo Ideacentre 700


9pm - Switched to my HP Laptop , and on USB 3 it was up to to a decent 73 MB/s. (which now means another issue for the Lenovo All-in-one.


7pm - After a while i decided to swap to USB 2 port, and was amazed to see a STABLE 39.7 MB/s transfer of my videos and USB 2 would complete 180GB in 1 hour 30 minutes.


7pm - As soon as I click pause, switch back to a different USB 3 port, then transfer speed became erratic and USB 3 would complete 175MB in 2 Hours 30 minutes.

So I record the poor performance and tweet

4:30pm - Delivery was not until 4pm, and I am needing get my data that is now filling up my computer back onto the drive.


First off once unpacked, i notice it has a different design USB3 cable lead (my old cable worked as well), and that I now have a recertified drive.

It connected to the USB 3 port ok and windows gave it a drive letter. ( at least I can now access via usb 3, so thats one error is fixed).


I install the Samsung Drive manager software supplied on the drive, after a reboot the software failed to see the drive in order for me to check or partition it.


So I use windows computer management to shrink and create a second partition.


A quick format to be sure and then to start backing up my camera videos.


Now it seems to be a go very slow on the lenovo only. (refer to top for live updates)

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