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123 Free Solitaire 5.9Download1.6MB FREE
Play this collection of solitaire games on your PC.
3D Shooter 1.0GoodDownload1MB FREE
Shooting is the best way to relax and forget about everything. This shooting-range in the open air is the best way to have fun and to spend several hours of real pleasure. You may choose between three game levels. Load your rifle and shoot at the targets. You have one minute to cope with the task. The more targets you shoot the more points you get. Don't forget to reload and have fun!
Aces High 1.087GoodDownload22MB
Join a combat flight simulation utilizing a variety of World War II vintage fighters and bombers from six countries.
AJ Empires 3.1.0Download1.8MB
Create your own empire. You research technology, build buildings, fight wars, attack and be attacked.
Backgammon4Money 2.0 Download2.8MB
Play online backgammon with real people either for real money or at different fun tables. The software itself as well as the online service are free of charge.
Boognish Genesis 1.0Download1MB
Enjoy this Pacman-like game with 20 challenging mazes.
Draw Poker for Windows 2.3 Download1MB
Play poker on your computer.
Dope Wars 2.1Download2.2MB
Make your money by buying and selling a variety of drugs while avoiding various hazards such as cops and muggers. Dope Wars gives you a choice of making your mark in one of five cities: New York, Los Angeles, London, Derby, and Sydney.
Dragon Ninja Saga FREEDownload1MB
Take on the role of Red Lotus, a ninja trying to rescue his kidnapped wife before she is sacrificed to a demon lord. You have your sword, ninja stars, bombs and even ninja magic at your disposal!
Elf Bowling 2.0GoodDownload1MB
Very entertaining arcade game.
Fiend 1.0Download5.7MB
Get a low-end version of the great gameplay that has been found in survival horror games like Resident Evil.
Final Fantasy VIII SolitiareGoodDownload1MB
Final Fantasy characters brighten up this solitaire.
Half-Life: Full Software Development Kit 2.2Download76MB
The Half-Life Full SDK (Software Development Kit) contains all the resources you need to create multiplayer games and maps, as well as basic single-player game modifications (MODs), for Half-Life. Version 2.0 of the Half-Life SDK contains dozens of new features, including access to Valve's new networking system and graphical user interface toolkit (V-GUI).
HoboSoccer 1.0Download864Kb FREE
HoboSoccer is a 2D arcade type soccer game for 1 or 2 players. Single player mode has 3 levels, with the first level easy enough for young children and the third level quite challenging even for an adult. Multiplayer mode allows 2 players to compete on the same PC. The game itself employs a lighthearted approach to ballplay rather than attempting to simulate soccer in detail. In this first version a small bug in single player mode occassionally causes the ball to get stuck, but it can usually be forced into play again with persistence.
Hornado 2.0Download26MB
Check out this free sidescrolling space shooter with cool graphics and 8 levels of gameplay.
Last Rose in a Desert GardenDownload5MB
In this controversial adventure game, you are the survivor of a nuclear war.You wander the desert alone, without hope.The game tells of two very powerful emotions : hope and hate.
Pac-Guy 2, Part 2: Pagoon 3.6Download2.5MB FREE
T ravel through eight different levels, discovering gimmicks and secrets as you dodge all of the new nasties who populate Pagoon. This is the continuation of Pac-Guy 2, the sequel to the first three Pac-Guy games.
Quake III ArenaDownload47MB FREE
First Person shoot Em Up
Roger Wilco Mark 1dDownload977KB FREE
Walk About Adventure.
Santa's Cows Download1.4MB
With the reindeer out of comission, Santa has to use cows to help deliver his toys in this wacky Christmas game.
Solar Wars 1.21Download2.1MB
Command and colonize outer space in this turn-based strategy game.
South Park Super Mario Brothers 1.2Download1.2MB FREE
Prepare yourself for the very best Mario conversion ever! South Park Super Mario Brothers featuring Kenny and other pals from South Park has a mission to save the Princess while kicking a lot of butt! Think this game is a piece of cake? Think again, download now to see if you have what it takes to save the princess.
Stackomania 2.3.4Download2.5MB
Play this fun card game that is several games in one.
Tanks 3D 1.1Download1MB
Westfront PC: The Trials of Guilder 18.02Download1.3MB
Journey to restore order to the mythical land of Guilder in this text-based role playing game.
Get Tiffany Game
PacVenture: Pac's Oddysee 3d10MB
South Park Mario Bros 1 1.1MB
Southpark Save Kenny
Freeride Earth
Half-Life: Chronicles Mod 1.0 * 9 MB
NetTrek * 1 MB
NFL Players Online Golf * 52 MB
Snowcraft * 2 MB
P.A.I.N Quake Add-on 1.21* 3MB
Myth II: Chimera Scenario Pack*95MB
WingCommander Secret Ops112MB
Betrayal at Krondor
Shadow Warrior
Civilization II: 21st Century
Civilization II: Atlantis 1.0
Civilization II: Gulf War
Civilization II: Imperia 1.0
Civilization II: Arthur of the Britons
Civilization II: Kane and the Dead God
Civilization II: The Russian Revolution
Civilization II: World War II
Civilization II: Iran & Iraq
Sierra Diving Adventure
Commander Keen 4
Duke Nukem II
Epic Pinball
Jill of the Jungle
Red Baron



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